I haven’t blogged in a very long time. A mix of traveling and relaxation made me forget all about writing or real life for a while. I have been fortunate enough to see a few places I wasn’t planning on and met up with friends from Canada in Italy and Spain. I’ve met some great people along the way and I am so happy I decided to come to Europe. Before I write about some of the places I’ve been, this post is a little thank you or grazie for my family in Italy. For two months I was living in Milan which was everything you can imagine -and more.  Although I felt quite comfortable in Milan and had a friend with me, we also led separate lives and she was in school. So when I wasn’t job searching, writing or wandering around the city, I had my family. Whether I needed to get out and visit with a cousin, or take a few days and visit them in another city, they were and have been more than willing to help me in any way possible. The occasional message to ask how I was or if I needed anything was enough to brighten my day (and still is). It was nice to share a meal with family and listen to the language and learn about my family history.

Family is a funny thing. Maybe that whole blood is thicker than water is true. I’ve met family for the first time and reconnected with family I haven’t seen in years, but yet they treated me (and still are) like we’ve known each other forever. I know my family in Canada and the United States, but my Italian family has always been a little more far removed. Part language, part distance doesn’t make for easy relationships to hold. Thankfully, in 2015 social media has changed that. Being alone right now in Germany, it makes me realize how nice it is to have family (or friends) in any part of the world. So, grazie alla mia famiglia- for your generosity, your encouragement and your love.


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