I haven’t blogged in almost three years and not because I don’t want to write or enjoy blogging, but I have felt like I’ve just been running in circles the past couple of years.

The last post I wrote I was thanking my family and friends for being there for me while I was trying something different for myself in Italy.

A few years ago, I wanted to be far away from where I was from, only to return and learn (begrudgingly) home is truly where you make it. So, blogging about fun things to do wherever you are was initially the point of the blog with some other random things mixed in too.  I’ve heard the three most important things in our lives are our relationships, our job and where we live. Sometimes, all three of those things aren’t what we had hoped for, so trying to make the most out of any situation has always been my outlook and I’m really trying to embrace what the universe is telling me  . . . and just go with it.  I’ve also been trying to not listen to as many people as I normally do or have done in the past and I’ve been much happier because of it. Quitting a job isn’t the end of the world and saying yes to opportunities helps you grow and learn (even when they don’t work out).

Some things have not worked out the way I had planned, but because of that, one of the greatest humans came into my life and I’ve never been happier.


The point is, sometimes life sucks and we can’t get passed a certain idea or perspective and then something happens and poof all those past experiences are just that – a stop in the road on this adventure we call life.

Sorry for the sappy post, fun ones are on the way!


2 thoughts on “This Thing We Call Life

  1. Hi Annie,

    I was googling, “moving abroad alone at 40” lol and coming across your first article. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons to this decision thinking I’m missing some excitement in my life as I’ve feel into a bit of a funk and bored. What struck me, thus this reply, is wondering what happened over the 3 years since to make you go back to your home? Making this move in my twenties would have been easy, as you agree, but later in life comes with many other concerns and questions (some self-doubting). Thanks for your time and it’s nice to virtually meet you. Take care


    1. Hi Richie. Thanks for reading and reaching out. To be honest I had a great experience and wish I could have continued traveling but I also needed money so I came back to my old job. I also listened to too many people and should have just went with my own gut instincts. It may not have been what I wanted at the time but it also gave me a new outlook and confidence when I got back. I hope that helps.


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